This is a custom camo phone case covered in crystals from Swarovskiå¨. Be the most envied person carrying this case that’s completely covered in bling and shines like a diamond!

MADE WITH 100% AUTHENTIC SWAROVSKIå¨ CRYSTALS but not made by Swarovski. This item is made by me.

Made with a mixture of greens, yellows, and browns, this military style case is an eye-catcher.

Want your phone to sparkle, but not quite this much? Let me know! I‰Ûªll customize your case to fit your needs, then make it super simple to order.

I place each Swarovski Crystal one by one. I also only use top of the line industrial strength adhesive to make sure that your crystals don‰Ûªt fall off. (With normal wear. Don‰Ûªt throw it, or drop it from a few stories up.)

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