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I’ve always had a love of Swarovski but took it further in 2006 when my daughter started school. I did her shoes, hair bows, shirts and anything else I could get my hands on.

When I purchased my first MacBook, I decided I needed to cover it too. So I purchased some supplies and got to work. Made a zillion mistakes but learned so much in the process.

Since then, I’ve tested so many application techniques and adhesives to ensure the most durable product possible. Because really, who wants to spend money on something that’s going to lose crystals or fall apart?? I can’t always guarantee everything, but I do stand by my work.. 

I’m a single mom of three. They are my reasons for everything. They are the absolute best parts of me. After I was blessed with being chosen to be the mommy of my youngest in 2015, and being laid off from my corporate management job just months after, I decided to pursue my passion of making earrings and adorning items with Swarovski crystals. It’s been so hard and definitely trying. But seeing and hearing the reactions of my clients when they get their items has help push me forward. 

Thank you. For being a part of my journey by supporting my business, my dream and for allowing me to add a little sparkle to your life at the same time.

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